Why Build?

woodbkrng So, this whole blog was started as a class project. I decided early on that I wanted to get back into building things. (I’ve covered this before, read that in the “about me” section) What I’m talking about now, is why everyone (who isn’t already building things) should start building things. The process of taking raw materials and then reassembling them in another configuration, is immensely rewarding. I’m not just talking about woodworking either; cooking food, sewing, painting, music, and even coding are all ways of building things. And they are all very rewarding.

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Project 2: The unexpected dresser


Part 1: The decision making process
Today as I got home, I noticed that my neighbours were moving out. Among the things that they were throwing out was an old dresser. I really didn’t like it, I actually hated it the first few times I walked by it. Then they put a “free” sign on it, and all of a sudden I needed it.
I knew I could get some decent wood *childish snicker* by breaking it down.

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Project 1, Building: This isn’t the door you are looking for


Part 1: The Decision making process.

So I was talking to my girlfriend and we decided that we should stop being juvenile and finally become adults. We discussed some methods of remedying the situation, and the decision was made to get a headboard. Headboards make everyone more mature. (Because the indoor snowball fights are totally within the bounds of adulthood, we made a graph to prove it)

I started looking around Pinterest for inspiration, and after much deliberation we agreed to repurpose an old wood door. We also managed to agree on the type of door. (Two in a row! a new record for us)

But where will you find one? I’M GLAD YOU ASKED!
I have had the pleasure of working for Habitat for Humanity, and I now know how amazing they are. They have an wide array of old doors, used furniture (some new), and a never-ending supply of stuff to use in the building process.       Cough sponsor me Cough

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How will all of this work?

Here is a description of how my posts will look throughout the life of this blog.

Scattered Throughout the posts I will include hyperlinks (clicky buttons) and pictures of my progress, because as I have learned in school: People don’t like to read, they need pictures to keep their attention focused. I will also be including dry sarcastic humour, I hope you are okay with this.

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