How will all of this work?

Here is a description of how my posts will look throughout the life of this blog.

Scattered Throughout the posts I will include hyperlinks (clicky buttons) and pictures of my progress, because as I have learned in school: People don’t like to read, they need pictures to keep their attention focused. I will also be including dry sarcastic humour, I hope you are okay with this.

Part 1

This first section will discuss what I want to build, and why I have decided to build whatever it may be. I will be starting a Pinterest board for every project I work on, which will show you the inspiration behind the style as well as how my tastes evolve from conception to finished product.

Part 2

I will write this section after purchasing the materials I need to complete the project, and I will show you what steps are necessary to finish the build. I will talk about the tools I use, the materials I have chosen, and how I managed to forget something important and had to substitute in something last-minute.

Part 3

Finally, I will write down my final thoughts on the project. This will include what the project has taught me, what I will try differently next time, and a synopsis of the cost and time needed from start to finish.

I look forward to getting back into the building mindset, and finally taking back my hobby. I hope you enjoy catching up on my progress over the months ahead, and maybe learn something along the way. Enjoy.


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