About Me


Currently a 22 year old studying Marketing, Public Relations, and Branding. A former Architectural glass and metal mechanic (window installer and glass monkey), and an avid lover of all things caffeinated.

I have decided to start blogging for the simple reason that throughout the last few years of college, I have not taken any time for myself. I have been focused on writing reports, analyzing data, creating marketing plans, and drinking more coffee than any one person should. I have made the decision to start building stuff again. (A guy who hasn’t posted since 2010 took Buildingstuff.wordpress.com, screw that guy.)

The mixture of a less-than-required skill set and a devil-may-care level of excitement should provide an interesting adventure to follow.

“There is a first time for everything.”


The plan simple.

1.    Pick a project (probably something I found on Pinterest)

2.    Decide how I will be building the thing (I will most likely watch a lot of youtube videos)

3.    Start building.

4.    Write about my experiences and post the pictures of the process step by step.

5.    Enrich your life through my amazing commentary


Twitter: @ssselvig

Email: sselvig@live.ca

Instagram: ssselvig

LinkedIn: LinkedIn.ca/AlexSelvig

Pinterest: Pinterest.com/AlexSelvig

You are more than welcome to comment on any post here, or you can fill out the contact form below.



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